Wild Men on the Lam

The RV was on the road again, heading south, my favorite direction every Fall 🙂 I was passing the Eugene area just exiting a Rest Stop when off from a guard rail jumped two young men girating with antics and laughter and smiles – who could resist?  Their thumbs were out, so I pulled over.

At first I had no clue where I’d squeeze them into my messy rig – backpack and goods for my journey were on every surface area including the floor. But I shuffled a few things around, and Joel and Tyler climbed aboard with their backpacks.  They were headed to Los Angeles to attend a concert – they had a long way to go in front of them.

Tyler and Joel in my rig in Ashland

We headed down the highway while Tyler and Joel sang me songs Tyler had stored on his i-pod or whatever it was (I’m still not quite up to date on all this new techie stuff – it may have been his phone all the tunes were stored on), and I was serenaded down to Ashland, where we pulled alongside the RailRoad park and I cooked up dinner for the lot of us.  It was raining and cold-ish outside, so I found room for them on my couch and floor while I crashed in my very comfy bed in the back.  In the morning I sent them off with a warm breakfast – a veggies scramble.  Drove them out to the highway and away they went to continue their journey.

What a joyous day that was – I haven’t had the opportunity to interact with young people for quite awhile, and it was a great pleasure for me to hear of their lives and what they’re doing.  It reminded me so much of my brother Arthur’s and my adventures back when I was 20 and Art was 16 and we hitched across Canada and up the AlCan Highway to Alaska, around Alaska for the summer, then back down through British Columbia to California, and Arthur hitched home to New Hampshire while I stayed out west.  What days those were!  And there were a couple different RV’s that had picked us up on that journey. It was a great check-in with what’s happening today, and reminder of the distant past, as well.  A wonderful serendipity.

My sweet home RV parked next to Railroad Park in Ashland

And what’s really great is that Joel is keeping a blog, too!  You can access it here: http://bit.ly/cDHMqB

I was quite honored – you can read Joel’s account of their experience being picked up by me in the RV :))

After they left Ashland, I thought I would be heading on down to Shasta pretty soon, but the morning I was planning to depart I woke up “knowing” I was not supposed to leave Ashland yet.  So I stayed, and magic began to happen.


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On Sabbatical to live out some Bucket List dreams. Life just keeps zooming along, and friends keep passing away. Time to live never seems enough, as the daily duties always seem to keep calling. Now I'm changing that. Gonna see the world. Come along for the ride - you're invited :)
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2 Responses to Wild Men on the Lam

  1. kantiki says:

    Lol, Tyler and Joel are the two awesome miscreants that turned me on to your blog. Not only an awesome find, but so many great stories already.

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