Locked Out!

The next morning Mom took me over to Thrifty for a rental car and I drove down to a coffee shop – Tuckerbox – in White River Junction, the town I used to work for many years ago writing their 10-year Town Plan and their 5-year Capitol Improvements Program.  Tuckerbox is new to me – I haven’t seen the business there before. It’s a great little spot on the corner of downtown, looking out at the old Amtrak station and old circular train turn-around.

I worked on my blog and got caught up a bit, then decided to go to a movie that evening. Went into Hanover and saw “Hereafter” with Matt Damon at The Nugget Theater.  I liked it alot, though I did overhear some other folks afterward saying it was too slow for them.  They must be the kind that like the rip-roaring out of the gates boom-boom action flicks. Me, I like the slower more European style films that have some essense and content to them.  Being in a mad race all the time is not relaxation, pleasure or enlightening to me.  I enjoyed the way the story built the characters and the paths they were on, to finally bring them together.  It’s alot like what happens in real life, only we don’t get to oversee and track each other’s story for years before we meet each other. Got home late that night, the new renter had not yet moved in, and I went to bed in a quiet house.

The next morning I didn’t wake up as fast as I normally do, was kinda floating around in a cloud for a bit. A walk up Great Brook Road right near Mom’s house sounded good, especially since I’d been trying to get more exercise again, ever since getting off the PCT. I collected my jackets from downstairs and moved them upstairs to the bedroom after seeing the keys were on the dining room table downstairs, locked the door and came back down and grabbed the keys – OH NO!   The house and bedroom key were NOT there!  Only my car rental keys! I had just locked the house and bedroom key in the bedroom – it was in the jacket I took upstairs!

I tried not to panic.  Mom was at her boyfriend’s house an hour and a half away.  The upstairs bedroom windows were locked, so climbing up an outside ladder and pushing one open was out of the question. I called Mom and told her the situation.  She suggested calling the locksmith – the charge would be almost $100.00.  She knew the cost, as she had locked herself out a couple times before already.  After trying a small knife in the keyhole to no avail, I decided to go for my walk and not worry about it.

The fresh air and stretching the legs was just what was needed to think it all through.  The truth was, I didn’t really need anything in the bedroom.  Yes, my purse was in there and all my money and drivers license, but I had my car keys, so I had transportation. I had my computer downstairs so I could still go the coffee shop and work on my blog.  The hide-a-bed sofa was downstairs in the living room, and I’d slept on it many times before, so I had a bed. I could wear the same clothes another couple days – it wouldn’t hurt me. The only thing I needed was money.  I determined I would try to borrow a few bucks from some friends, and suddenly saw the whole situation as another “walk in faith” event that I had been experiencing on the entire trip.

Back home again, I called Mom and let her know I’d be okay without calling the locksmith. After then calling a bunch of local friends to receive only answering machines (it was Saturday – everybody was off enjoying the beautiful weather), I had a feeling I should just go over to Tuckerbox and see what happened there.

After driving very carefully to White River Junction on the freeway (didn’t need to get stopped without my DL, even though my cousin had assured me I had 24 hours to produce it if I was stopped) I pulled into the parking lot and walked into Tuckerbox. A sweet pretty young woman with big blue eyes, Molly, told me that they could put my coffees and lunch on a tab, and I could pay them back when I finally got my purse again.  Then – her heart walked in trust and she loaned me $10 right out of her own purse!  I was so amazed and so thankful! I wanted to see the movie “Secretariat” that night, and now it was possible!

The movie was wonderful, I didn’t get stopped by any highway patrols, and I slept like a babe that night on the pull-out bed, feeling quite blessed and taken care of by the Powers- That-Be.


About sayslife

On Sabbatical to live out some Bucket List dreams. Life just keeps zooming along, and friends keep passing away. Time to live never seems enough, as the daily duties always seem to keep calling. Now I'm changing that. Gonna see the world. Come along for the ride - you're invited :)
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