Family and Friends in Fall

Mom returned Sunday afternoon, I unlocked my bedroom door and was reunited with my belongings, and quickly headed up the lane to return $20 to the neighbor who had loaned it to me that morning.  Mom’s new tenant, Horace, moved in that evening, and we all ended up going to see “Secretariat” – me for the second time!  I loved that movie!

Mom, Unc, Sandi and Aunt in Maine

Every year I try to see my Aunt and Uncle Korpela in Maine during my annual trip home, so we took a drive one sunny mid-week day over to their retirement community and visited.  My Aunt Jean is my Mom’s sister, and my Mom wore a sweater that Jean had knitted years ago.  Jean has knitted hundreds of sweaters in her life – she was a Master Knitter if ever there was one!   My cousin Sandi (Jean and Paul’s daughter) joined us for lunch and an outside walk in the Fall colors and sunshine.  Uncle Paul was in his traditional good humor and hospitality as he has been his entire life. It was a gorgeous afternoon, and very special to be with beloved family again.

On Thursday night, my Mom traditionally drives 17 miles to my cousin Julie’s place, and they play cards for the evening. I’ve not been much of a card player in my life, but since it would be my last opportunity to see my cuz, I decided to join in the game, and invited a new friend I had met at Tuckerbox, Bruce.  He joined us that evening and we enjoyed a lot of crazed laughter and wild card playing, while getting high on water and friendship.  Laughter is great medicine (water is, too!), and Julie’s house was full of it! Bruce had a great time, and it looks as though he’ll be joining in the group even after I’ve left, as he now has new friends in Mom and Julie who both appreciated his company.

Mom showing Horace's daughter how to play the piano

All week long I’d been returning to Tuckerbox to catch up on the blog and to try to meet up with Molly again, to return the $10 she had loaned me.  Finally she was there on Friday morning, and when I returned it to her she was so happy because now she could tell all those friends of hers who had thought she was crazy to lend it to me, that it had been returned and that her trusting me had been correct.  It was a revelation for me to recognize again that each little action we take has such a ripple effect on others.  Just one more affirmation to walk faithfully and constantly in the power of Goodness in speech, actions and thought.

Later in the week, on my way to some old classmates for a weekend of Halloween, I stopped by and visited two dear friends who live in Canterbury, NH.  Linda served up a delicious healthy lunch (thank you again so very much, Linda), and Jay later showed me their photos of their trip to South Africa they just returned from.  It was a wonderful afternoon, and such a joy to see old friends again.

Fall Colors in MaineAnd then I drove on to Derry and Hoag’s in Hebron just off Newfound Lake, where the Saturday night New Hampshire famous Halloween party would be held.  I was arriving the day before, on Friday evening, to help them decorate for the big event.  They’ve been holding these parties for over 20 years, and folks from all over New Hampshhire attend.  There is food (lots) and beverages (galore) and a contest for the best costumes, with prizes going all the way down to 4th place.

At the suggestion of an old friend who was planning to attend and see me again, I was planning to go as “Dolly Parton” and he was going to be “Kenny Rogers”.  The theme of the party was “Come as You Aren’t”, and Dolly Parton I’m certainly not 🙂  I had found a dress for ten cents and an extra large bra for a buck at a Thrift Store that would work perfect, but I still  had the rest of the costume to put together.

Saturday was going to be one busy day, and one wild party!


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On Sabbatical to live out some Bucket List dreams. Life just keeps zooming along, and friends keep passing away. Time to live never seems enough, as the daily duties always seem to keep calling. Now I'm changing that. Gonna see the world. Come along for the ride - you're invited :)
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One Response to Family and Friends in Fall

  1. Molly says:

    Hi Sayward!
    Great to see your adventures haven’t stopped! Keep smiling and come back to Vermont soon!

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