ESP at Virginia Beach

A delicious dinner with Justin

The first 3 days at Justin’s place I was pretty much housebound. It rained all day Wednesday, but Thursday the sun shone and I probably shocked the neighborhood by lying outside in my swimsuit all day long.  It was JUST warm enough to have so much skin exposed, but if a breeze swept past it definitely brought the goosebumps out.  Friday evening he was done with work for the week, and we cooked up a delicious dinner and went to bed early to be ready for a crack-of-dawn departure to Virginia Beach the next morning.

It’s about a 4-hour drive to Virginia Beach from his house, and we pulled out of his driveway about 7:30, just as the sun was coming up. As we arrived in Virginia Beach I was amazed to see how totally built up along the waterfront it is, just like any other beach town, I guess, but somehow I hadn’t expected it.  Skyscraper hotels lining the beach, with another setback road paralleling the beach with yet more multiple story buildings.

Edgar Cayce's old home - now the Spa

We went directly to Edgar Cayce’s ARE – the Association for Research and Enlightenment. They have a great metaphysical bookstore which also has other items, such as chimes, crystals, jewelry, incense, etc., and they have an incredible library. Every day they have a series of free programs, such as a meditation session in their Meditation Room, an Orientation video, and ESP Demonstration in which you get to test your ESP skills, a movie on Edgar Cayce, a tour, and another video that varies day-to-day but is on something to do with Edgar Cayce or his studies.

Labyrinth at the ARE

We participated in these events, and Justin’s ESP was significantly higher than mine in this class.  To test our skills, our instructor would hold up a card with its back to us, and we would intuit whether the card was a square, circle, wavy lines, star, or plus sign.  We’d write down on a sheet of paper our choice, and at the end of the session we checked our accuracy.  Justin’s was overall pretty darn good. Mine was good in some directions, but not as good in others. That could have been a result of my watching how the instructor did not look at the card, but instead looked at the audience without focusing on the card at all. That bothered me, because when I’ve done this experiment before, the one who holds the cards looks at the card itself, not at the audience.  So I wasn’t really trying because I thought she wasn’t really sending the information to us. Still, even with that, I received higher than coincidence results.

The New ARE Building

While we visited the building and grounds, I noticed a bulletin posted for a UFO/Crop Circle conference being held the next weekend. A long time believer in UFO’s, I have been utterly fascinated over the last dozen years with crop circles.  Most of them are definitely NOT made by folks with boards out in the fields at night creating these extraordinary works of art.  The designs themselves have intelligence behind them that is beyond the immediate comprehension of the viewer. I decided that I would stay in NC longer than I had planned specifically to attend this conference.

We visited the Aquarium before leaving VB

ARE also has quite a Spa.  It’s housed in an enormous building, the very building that Edgar Cayce himself used to live and work and conduct his readings in.  After visiting the Spa I decided to sign myself up for a Past Life Regression session for the next Friday, coinciding with the start of the UFO/Crop Circle conference. Past life regression has always fascinated me, and having had many dreams throughout my life that have caused me to wonder whether I have lived before in ancient Greece, Egypt and even further back, I had been looking for someone for almost a year now to regress me in the hopes of learning about reincarnations past.

Pre-Sun-Up War Chanting Karate Group waking up the whole hotel

We stayed at the Wyndham Hotel that Saturday night, just a few blocks from ARE. We were on the 14th floor with a spectacular Atlantic Ocean view.  Unfortunately, there was a very large Karate Class group staying that weekend also.  Not only did they track mega-sand in from the beach into the hot-tub which they over-crowded so badly no-one else could get in, but at 6 a.m. on Sunday morning the several hundred of them were out on the beach in full force, chanting war chants for 45 minutes until the sun rose in the east.  Their voices were in such great noise and unison that it resonated up the entire skyscraper of rooms, and I was not the only one to complain at the front desk about being held hostage to their early morning war chants.  Needless to say, I did receive a deeply discounted rate on the room, but that still doesn’t bring back a peaceful morning for the start of our trip back to Holly Springs.

Justin feeding seagulls from our hotel balcony

We went back to ARE that Sunday morning for another few hours, then had a delicious lunch at the Waterfront Restaurant and headed home.  Justin was going to be training for longer hours each day this coming week, and I decided to rent a car and do a little traveling in NC before the next weekend’s events back at ARE.  On Monday afternoon, which he had off, fortunately, he took me to pick up my rental car at the Raleigh/Durham Airport.  I stayed Monday night at his place, and by Tuesday noon I pulled out of Holly Springs and headed to south to hit the coast and work my way back up to Virginia Beach.

I was off to see the Outer Banks. I’ve heard of them all my life and never really knew what they were, other than a grouping of islands along the coast. Now I planned to see for myself what this geological phenomenon was all about.

Justin at the spectacular Aquarium


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