Asheville and the BRP

Halfway to Asheville I took a room in a new kind of hotel, called a Microtel.  It was pretty good and gave me a nice comfy bed to crash in, plus Wi-Fi in the room. Quite enjoyed catching up on my sleep. Try these hotels if you’re out and about. There’s about 200 of them now, and they have quite good value.

Catherine and Johnny playing in the Kitchen

Monday wasn’t bad, weather-wise, though it was predicted to rain. It was overcast and windy, but bits of sun shone through on my journey to Asheville. Arrived around 2 p.m. and Johnny welcomed me into their brand-new beautiful home!  Catherine showed up in a few minutes and we visited a bit before going out to a lovely dinner downtown at a really cool place – I’ve forgotten the name.  (Help me out here, Johnny and Catherine)

Incredible Architecture

Tuesday was cold, windy and intermittent showers, so I took the Historic Trolley ride which took us all around Asheville to see the amazing architecture, giant country clubs with golf courses, and of course the Biltmore. Astounding!  I had no idea such a history of architecture was in Asheville. It’s also the town of a number of famous authors, one of them being Thomas Wolfe.  After thoroughly saturating myself in architectural history and having a short break downtown from the Trolley ride at the Beer Gardens (for a salad) and then World Coffee, I finally returned to my friend’s house for a nice dinner at their home followed by a real downer of a movie back downtown in Asheville – “Inside Job”.  If you want to be thoroughly depressed, watch it.  Talk about the Fall of Rome – we’ve got ancient history remaking itself right here in the good ol’ USA. Matt Damon narrates it, and it’s an eye-opener!

The "Wedge" Building

My last day in Asheville Johnny and Catherine took me up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for some hiking – I hadn’t realized the BRP runs through a number of states and has hiking trails surrounding all of it.  We hiked a short trail on the southern end for a couple miles, then drove north and hiked in the late afternoon sun on a little stretch of trail from which another hiker had just seen a bear off in the woods!  All that fresh air and hiking left us a little bushed, so they called a friend of theirs who joined us for a lovely dinner out at a little Thai restaurant before returning home and crashing.

The weather had finally turned and I had a beautiful day to start back to Raleigh on – but before I left Johnny helped me get set up on Skype – so all of you out there that are on Skype, I can now add you into my contacts list – let me know who you are!

Fall Color along the BRP

I left Johnny and Catherine’s house in the morning for a quick downtown blog-writing trip at a great little coffee shop, The Green Sage.  Catherine met me for a latte and last good-bye at World Coffee before hitting the road for the 4.5 hour drive back to my brother’s home in Holly Springs just south of Raleigh.

Before I left there house I sucked a couple raw eggs for breakfast. It always shocks people to see me do it, but I don’t know why more people don’t – it’s an easy quick way to get some eggs in you, and doesn’t dirty any dishes, the remaining egg-shell is biodegradable, and away you go – no muss, no fuss. However, they couldn’t help but catch me in the act, so here’s the photo of that little act.  My Dad taught me how to such eggs when I was just a wee bit, so it’s old hat to me. You should try it sometime, but be sure to eat only the cage-free, vegetarian-fed, no hormone or antibiotic eggs – they’re the best 🙂


It had been a whirlwind trip from Raleigh to Wilmington and the OBX to Virginia Beach to Asheville and back to Raleigh area, but quite fun and highly informative. Now I had one night and almost a few day to share with my brother before jumping on the train at Raleigh and taking an overnight ride down to Florida to see my Aunt and Uncle in Leesburg. I’d never spent much time in Florida and have thought about seeing Coral Castle, but had no idea what more was in store for me…much much more!

Me on a trail on the BRP


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  1. Sophia says:

    So lovely to see your sweet smiling face!
    Sending you much love and big hugs,

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