Orbs, UFOs and Crop Circles

ARE Spa Therapy building with Labyrinth in front

I woke from a great sleep in the back of the rental car and went downtown in Virginia Beach to a wi-fi coffee shop where some blog work was undertaken. Then back to the ARE Spa Therapy building for my past life regression session, which started late. The hypnotherapist talked with me for a few minutes before starting the session, and proceeded to “put me under.”  However, I don’t think it really worked.  I had wondered whether I’d be able to be hypnotized, but so far I don’t think I’ve found the right person to work with for that.

I had compiled a list of questions I wished her to ask of me once I was hypnotized, but I didn’t see the “crystal elevator” she said I was descending in, nor the “long hallway with doors”…the sad thing is – I had read all about this type of hypnotic suggestion that someone who is a highly acclaimed past life regressionist had stated is used by lesser hypnotists and not very effective. He was right, at least as far as I was concerned.

Though I was very relaxed and in a quasi state of some kind, suggestion was not working on me.  I told her I didn’t see the elevator, nor the hallway. What I did sorta see was what it might look like down many miles in the ocean with all kinds of exotic whitish creatures swimming around.  Probably the insides of my eyeballs.  Anyway, after an hour and a half of this, she brought me “back up” and told me I did very well for my first time.  I still want to learn more about past life regression and attempt it again, but I will splurge on the well-known past life regressionists in the future, as this woman’s forte was clearly her other form of hypnotherapy: behavior modification.

Meditation Gardens at ARE

The rest of Friday was spent at Nancy Talbot’s two lectures on the Science of Crop Circles and the Paranormal Abilities of a Young Dutch Man.  They were both excellently delivered and supported with amazing photos of quickly formed crop circles, orbs, plasma energy, and the great quantities of data on the grains that have been bent, heated and irradiated in the crop circle.  Fascinating material.  I was fortunate to join her for dinner that night with another woman, and we had quite an evening of interesting conversation.

Meditation Garden and Water Feature

Spent the night in the car again parked up behind the ARE Spa Therapy building, and Saturday morning took a lovely walk on the beach before going downtown for more blog-work until my afternoon lecture session to attend being delivered by Freddie Silva.  It was incredibly good – he is very well spoken and intelligent, and his topic – orbs – was brilliantly done. I had purchased his book in the ARE bookstore, so stood in line after his talk and had him autograph the book.  There’s a possibility I may be able to assist him in some of his work next year in England as he sometimes looks for assistance.

That evening I was invited to stay at the Virginia Beach cottage of one of the conference attendees. “Cottage” is like calling a palace an outbuilding.  I was astounded at the beauty of it, and felt very fortunate to have been gifted with a fine place to stay, a tub for a hot bath, and a comfortable bed to sleep in for the night.  The next morning I bade the kind woman good-bye and got an early start back at the conference for the last speaker, ARE’s long-time director, John Van Auken.

More Meditation Gardens

His talk was about Edgar Cayce’s views on reincarnation, UFOs and past lives.  It was highly interesting and entertaining – yet another excellent speaker!  When it was over it was anti-climactic!  Everyone was leaving and heading off, so I did, too.

I pulled out of Virginia Beach and started the 400+ mile drive to Asheville to visit my friends, Johnny and Catherine. I had worked with Johnny back in Olympia, WA, many years ago when we were both employed by the Washington State Energy Office. I’d visited them many times back in Olympia, but had never seen them in their new digs out in North Carolina.  I was looking forward to seeing them again, and to seeing Asheville, NC, for the first time in my life!

Yet More Meditation Garden


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