Warm Facials and Cool Fasts

Once the decision had been made to return to Palm Springs for the

Sonja Brulez, Owner of "European Experience" in Palm Springs, CA

Holidays and International Film Festival, I breathed deep sighs of relief. What a weight off my shoulders to know I would have one place to live in for about a month, at my girlfriend Sonja’s home. Sonja is one of the best facialists I’ve ever met and she has her own biz called “European Experience.”  If you’re ever in Palm Springs, California, be sure to schedule a facial, and heck – throw in a massage to make it a combo package. Her website is  http://www.palmspringsfacials.com She uses organic, excellent product and hot steamy facial wraps – mmmmm -you’ll feel like you’re visiting Heaven!

Jill Schneider, Owner of "Circle of Life" in DelRay Beach, FL, and me

Del Ray Beach is an alive, happening beach town just north of Fort Lauderdale, and the home of Jill Schneider, a “sister” Director of juice fasting retreats. When I first started “Juice Fast For Health” (http://juicefastforhealth.com) in Palm Springs, I noticed through common advertising that Jill was also holding juice fasts in Del Ray Beach.  She had healed herself of cancer a number of years ago and decided to share her knowledge and help others with her business: Circle Of Life (http://www.circle-of-life.net).

Beach Time will Jill in Del Ray

I had called her all those years ago, and we have been phone friends ever since, even contemplated holding a retreat together in the highlands of Mexic0 a few years back. I drove over to her place (she had just finished a retreat with a guest from New York) and we had an joyous first-time meeting. It was so sweet to meet a “fellow” enthusiast for health and natural healing.

Delicious Thai Dinner with Jill

She let me use her Inversion Table (can you say “aaahhhh?) and  fixed me a delicious healthy salad for lunch. Later in the afternoon we went for a beautiful walk around her community, took a trip to the beach, and visited a nearby Thai Restaurant for dinner.

The following morning I made her my classic “Liver Cleanse Drink” that I serve daily at my juice fasting retreats, and we drank every last drop of it – MMMmmm-good!

Gator Afloat

After taking a beautiful morning walk together through a wetlands where we saw large turtles, alligators, Cranes, Great Blue Herons, and many other types of incredibly colored birds, I departed for Jacksonville to see another girlfriend – a woman who came to one of my retreats years ago and was my biggest success story in helping someone else heal

Great Blue Heron in Del Ray Wetlands

their body. She had had a full body case of psoriasis for two years, but within a month of my retreat it was on the wane, and less than a year later it was gone – after several doctors had told her it was incurable! Hah! Take THAT, prescription medicine!

Before going to Jacksonville I wanted to swing through St. Augustine on my way north, which I did – and the town was completely abuzz with Christmas pageantry, parades, Tourist Trolleys, and Colonial Re-enactments!

Anhinga drying its wings


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