St. Augustine Christmas Magic!

Castillo de San Marcos National Monument

It was afternoon when I arrived in St. Augustine, and I was delighted to see all the hustle and bustle of Christmas pageantry.  A parade had just happened and all the floats were in the process of leaving. The day was warm and sunny, and people were everywhere – I mean everywhere!

People, dogs, horse drawn carriages, Pilgrim-days re-enactment garbed people, crazy little electric cars, musicians, people blowing bubbles, people dressed like pirates, babies being

Two Re-enactment Colonial Dressers and Fort Service Person

pushed in baby carriages, kids galore, Christmas Trolley Tour rides, cars and more cars, pedestrians – the whole town was packed with all kinds of activities and commotion! It was quite celebratory and fun, and I wandered around and enjoyed it all! There were garlands hung, and lights, and streamers, and wreaths and holly and it just went on and on!

"Black Raven" Pirate Cruise Ship

Down at the wharf the ‘Black Raven’ pirate ship was taking a load of tourists on a cruise, with “Ho-Ho-Ho and a bottle of Rum” chanties booming out across the water.  The draw bridge was up for a variety of boats to pass under, people waiting in line for the next pirate cruise were standing shoulder to shoulder on the docks, and more people were heading into the restaurants lining the waterfront. Just massive activity everywhere!

Horse Drawn Carriage - one of many

Over at the fort, many dozens of people were taking photos, gawking at the massive structure, reading about the cannons and wandering through the grass-covered moats.

In the evening I parked on a residential street just off a main drag and slept like fairly well in the back of the rental car. I planned to head up to my girlfriend’s in Jacksonville for the next day – Sunday – and learn all about the new line of hot sauces she has invented right out of her own back yard with her garden of many species of peppers, and is now marketing. I couldn’t wait to see her again and try her hot sauces!

Another Horse Drawn Carriage


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