Gorgeous Graffiti Galore

Graffiti in Florianopolis 1

During the week I was in the Florianopolis area of southern Brazil, I walked alot. One of the most amazing things that stood out to me was the incredible graffiti. Every city has it’s brand of graffiti, and in many cities that I’ve been I’ve seen interesting artwork in the form of graffiti. But, here in the Florianopolis region, I saw such joy and freedom expressed in the graffiti that I thought I’d make a separate post just to honor it.

Graffiti in Florianopolis 2

There are undoubtedly meanings and messages behind these works of art with which I am unfamiliar. Some appear to be the anthropomorphizing of the animal and/or fish world, other artworks may be statements on political or humanitarian conditions.

Graffiti in Florianopolis 3

Graffiti in Florianopolis 3

For me, I found it as an unexpected and curious form of beauty from a people and culture to whom I was being introduced for the very first time. I took snaps of almost every graffiti I saw. These photos were taken of graffiti that was painted on bridges, retaining walls, concrete fences, the sides of buildings and anywhere else I saw it.

Grafiti in Florianopolis 4

The colors, designs and childlike freedom in the quality of most of these artworks reminded me of the Bay Area artwork of the 1960s during the Flower Power generation.  One thing I noticed about Brazil in general is that much of the country struck me as similar in decades to those of the 60s-70s and maybe even 80s in the United States, at least in the West Coast region.

Grafiti in Florianopolis 5

If anyone knows the meanings of some of these graffiti, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you. View and enjoy! 🙂

Graffiti in Florianopolis 6


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