The Argentinian Foz du Iguazu!!!

First View, Argentinian Foz du Iguazu

All 6 women rose from our bunks at about 7 a.m. at the Hostel Inn, a very lovely, large hostel that even has massage therapy rooms, pool tables, and a beer bar! Last night I won a game of pool against a young whipper snapper! Made me feel like I was still on my game, a little 🙂

Turtle in Lake before Falls

The breakfast buffet was quite lacking compared to the Submarino Hostel I enjoyed so much back in Florianopolis. Hardly anything edible for my type of eating. Glass of OJ and a couple hard boiled eggs was about all I could find appealing. Mostly there were unhealthy breads, jellies, and dry cocoa to make your own hot chocolate drink with. No bananas, no fruit of any kind other than measly oranges and apples that didn’t look too happy – no passion fruit, papayas, watermelon, pineapple.

Trail to Devil's Throat

Caught the bus to the Argentinian Foz du Iguazu. There are three major trails on this side of the Falls – Devil’s Throat, and the Upper and Lower hiking trails. I walked each of them, starting with Devil’s Throat.

Me with Butterfly, Devil's Throat Behind

Devil’s Throat is a major flow of river that cuts through a relatively narrow channel and plunges far below. The long walk-way to get out to Devil’s Throat had its own beauties on the way – turtles sunning, butterflies, and large water bodies before the Falls that looked like lakes.

Devil's Throat - too large for the camera

Out at Devil’s Throat itself, the roar is quite loud, the mist is thick, and the feeling or sensation of being at the edge of something really dangerous is pervasive. It’s so massive that it is captivating – hard to comprehend the magnitude of it, and you feel drawn to the edge…

Coatimundis into the Garbage Cans

Back along the river sides again, I hiked both the Upper and Lower Trails, each of them giving fantastic views from their high and low perspectives. There were a number of coatimundies inspecting the trash cans and fighting over bits of food – there were many dozens of them throughout the food courtyards, and the grounds keepers were constantly shooing them away from the trails and trash cans. Quite something to watch.

From Upper Trail looking down

From the Lower Trail, when looking at the Falls, rainbows appeared in the mist. It was quite beautiful – rainbows were everywhere you looked! In some places the end of the trail would take you to a landing from which you could gaze upward at a tall Falls coming down surrounded in mist and rainbows. Lovely!

From Lower Trail looking up

The Park had one last trail I wanted to take –  it led to a tall thin falls that fell into a natural swim pool below. The trail to it was 7000 meters long, and it took a while to get there. Beautiful walk through the jungle, with teams of monkeys swinging in the branches overhead – wow! The swim pool itself turned out to be rather muddy – no clarity, so you couldn’t see the large rocks on the bottom that made swimming impossible and walking in it treacherous. But it was good to have the experience, and I met some lovely people out there.

Double Rainbows

Once back to the Hostel Inn, I noticed a strange rash on the backside of my calves, and my ankles were quite swollen and tender to the touch. I attributed it to excess salt in the diet and lack of water, and heat rash – I had read about and experienced how salty all the food is here, and perhaps I hadn’t hydrated enough.

Jungle Trail to Falls Swimming Hole

The dinner was outdoor Bar-be-Que and everyone was seated farm style at long tables. Servers came around with platters of meat and doled them out to each individual. After dinner there was a band that instantly popped up from nowhere, and drums of all sizes appeared, along with the loudest music you’ve ever heard! A woman dressed in large feathers that almost didn’t cover any of her was dancing very exotically erotically. What a sight! Everyone was cheering and clapping at her moves, and the drums were urging her on! The music was so utterly load that I retreated to the computer inside, then on to bed where the earplugs came in very handy yet again!!

Muddy Swimming Hole from Top of Falls

The next morning I was to head out to cross back into Brazil, and get staged for my flight to Bahia, a north central state in Brazil that is populated mostly by descendants of slaves brought over from Africa in the 1700’s, and is rumored to have incredible food.

Incredible Butterfly


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